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1. And England ? Well, maybe the best thing to say is that this time, for once, no-one is really expecting anything, and just even getting out of the group is going to be a bonus.
2. 据国家新闻出版广电总局介绍,中国的电影票房收益在2017年上涨了13.45%,达559亿元(86亿美元),国产影片为该市场做了53.84%的贡献。
3. 5.3-D 打印耳朵
4. slew
5. Consumer prices continued to rebound from an August dip, accelerating 0.2 percentage points to 2.1 per cent year on year, bang-on analysts’ median forecast.
6. 6. “Taxi”(Jafar Panahi)


1. ['pr?p?ti]
2. Holly Hunter reportedly keeps her best actress award, which she won for her portrayal of Ada McGrath in the 1994 New Zealand film, The Piano, at the New York offices of Joel and Ethan Coen. It sits alongside the statue Frances McDormand won for her role as the heavily-pregnant local police chief with the insatiable appetite, Marge Gunderson, in the Coens’ 1996 film Fargo.
3. n. 财产,所有物,性质,地产,道具
4. "If it (transforming the economic development mode) only results in empty talk instead of being implemented, then economic development cannot be promoted in a sound and rapid way, and may even not be sustained." LI YIZHONG, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former minister of industry and information technology
5. 报告同时也显示,双十一已经成为由淘宝,天猫,京东领衔的电商的最大购物活动。
6. 第七步 培养癖好


1. The ranking rates the best 100 programmes worldwide for working senior executives.
2. When you post your résumé to a job board, such as Monster or Indeed, there's a chance your current employer could see it. In fact, Foss says many HR staffers and managers regularly search for their company names within job board submissions specifically to see if their employees are looking for jobs。
3. Enthusiastic supporters of the idea of a “universal basic income” for all citizens, meanwhile, will look to Finland where a trial is now well under way. In France, Emmanuel Macron will try to tread a delicate line in 2018 as he reforms the labour market, hoping to inject flexibility without increasing insecurity or incensing the unions.
4. 在过去的20年里,日本有些城市的生活成本达到过世界最高,但现在正在降低。东京和大阪分别降低了11名和14名。
5. 吉祥猴的水墨设计草图由中国当代艺术家、北京奥运会吉祥物“福娃”的创作者之一韩美林设计的。这幅中国传统水墨画的设计被网友认为“萌萌哒”,代表了中国传统艺术风格。节目制作人将吉祥猴命名为“康康”,在中国表健康之意。
6. 8. Illiteracy


1. 这个变化很大一部分原因是因为去年十月软件巨头Adobe公司发生了重大安全漏洞,致使数百万用户遭受影响。
2. 6.头戴式电脑出现
3. 10Norway
4. Refugees from Syria, which has been torn apart by a five-year-old civil war that has left over 200,000 people dead and millions more displaced, account for half of all those counted, followed by refugees from two other war-torn countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
5. 10.Meditate
6. 关于7月9日的枪击案,调查人员已逮捕两名年轻人,其中一名18岁。


1. 单词haven 联想记忆:
2. 很多人会这么想:“只要我努力工作,我总会被人注意到的。” 但是这通常不对。如果你想升职,那么当一些责任分到你头上,让你大施拳脚,你一定要让你的上级,你上级的上级知道你到底为公司贡献了什么。
3. 根据周一上海电视台的报道,2015年,上海市外来常住人口出现15年来的首次负增长。

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